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Polymer Interactions in Multicomponent Mixtures

PIMMS is a high performance lattice-based 2D/3D Monte Carlo simulation engine. It can be used to explore how polymer sequence architecture impacts phase transitions, but more generally can be used to explore polymer behaviour. It facilitates full phase space exploration as well as arbitrary sequence complexity and residue-residue parameterization.

PIMMS is currently under development in the Pappu lab at Washington University in St. Louis.

Expect a formal release in the summer of 2016.

For any questions please contact alex at alex.holehouse@wustl.edu


February 2016
PIMMS is being debuted publicly at the 2016 Biophysical Society meeting in Los Angeles on Sunday February 28th in the IDPs and Aggregates session. I (Alex) will be giving a talk on an early result relating to the role of charge patterning on polyelectrolyte complex coacervation.

February 2016
A full re-write of the inner-loops has brought the average simulation speed to ~3 billion steps per day. There's plenty of room for further performance improvement!

December 2015
PIMMS now has fully functional long range electrostatics implemented as interaction energies which extend over multiple lattice sites. Early results are extremely promising!